INSIGHT LIFE COACHING SERVICES Is committed to develop a nationwide professional, confidential, accessible, affordable and professionally structured counselling service in the country.

Insight Life Coaching Services has invested its resources in making good use of the technology in developing a ‘Working Together Platform’.  We are sincere in our commitment to work in partnership with likeminded professionals.  We are working toward Building Partnerships with Counsellors. 

We are, therefore, inviting professionals from the fields of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, General Psychology, all stream of Social Work and other allied professions to work in partnership with us and create a nationwide workforce to help millions of silent suffers in our society. 

·       Good working Knowledge of human psychology is essential for this role.  You should have a master’s degree in the fields of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, General Psychology, all streams of Social Work and/or other allied professions.  This make you eligible for applying for this position;

·       Good working knowledge of Counselling Skills is the criteria for your selection

This partnership is formalised in a working arrangement, which is a contractual relationship.  The process to enter this relationship and to include counsellors on our list is called Empanelment.