" Anupam Srivastava offered our students, of secondary classes, an opportunity to participate in his workshop entitled “There is nothing you cannot do”. This workshop was aimed at students, through a participatory and experiential learning process, to help them gain a perspective and insight into their inherent talent and capacities they already have and how they can harness it to achieve their best. Majority of the students, who participated in these workshops felt energised, motivated and enthused. In almost all the workshops, students wanted these workshops to continue. When asked if they would like to participate in a confidence and performance enhancing programme, a huge majority wished to have one arranged as soon as it was practically possible. We too have received an extremely positive feedback from our teachers, whose students attended the workshops. We find Mr Srivastava to be an effective communicator and motivation speaker, who has an extremely pleasant style of engaging with young people. Karuna Bhardwaj, Head of School, Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Delhi "

Karuna Bhardwaj, Head of School, Govt. Girls Senior Secondary School, Delhi

" “I trained and worked with Anupam in counselling, the training was simple to understand and easy to follow and the delivery was excellent. Anupam was extremely helpful and was always willing to help individuals going the extra mile to ensure that we felt confidant to go on. He is very passionate about his personal development and development of others” Sharan Athwal, UK "

Sharan Athwal, UK

" “Anupam is a proven trainer who has many years of experience working with children and families, he brings with him a wide knowledge of fostering and an understanding of the needs of looked after children. He is able to demonstrate an extensive understanding of attachment and loss suffered by young people, and over the years I have worked with him he has used his considerable counselling skills to aid both the clients we worked with, as well as many staff members. He has also played a very important role in community development projects, many of which have been counselling based and with this in mind he continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to equal opportunity for all” Lionel Boyce, UK "

Lionel Boyce, UK

" “Anupam has not only a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the counselling field he has a passion for the subject; this is very evident in the delivery of his training. Anupam’s training leads not only to the learning of new skills but also to self-discovery. Due to finding it impossible to say no to requests for my help, even when I was really too busy to give it, was leading to a simmering resentment in me towards others and also possible burn-out. It became apparent throughout my sessions with Anupam that despite me appearing a confident person, to family, friends and colleagues, my feelings of self-worth were intrinsically linked to how I was perceived by others. Therefore, unconsciously, I believed that if I said no then others regard for me would diminish. I argued with Anupam that helping others is in my nature and asked what the point of life is if we cannot help others? Anupam reassured me that I did not need to lose the positive traits of my personality but he guided me to change my self-destructive ones” Julie Bailey, UK "

Julie Bailey, UK

" “During the 7 years I have known Anupam he has shown commitment and enthusiasm in every aspect of his work. He strives to enlighten people and takes great interest in their lives. During his time as Fostering Manager he did his utmost to promote the welfare of the children in our care and displayed genuine dedication in helping them to develop to their full potential. I’ve always found his training sessions to be both interesting and informative”. Lorraine Robinson, UK "

Lorraine Robinson, UK

" We carried out a series of personality development workshops called “There is Nothing you cannot do” for students in various schools in Delhi and Mumbai. These workshops were aimed at helping student to have a glimpse of their inherent capacities and capabilities and providing them with a few simple skills to harness their potentials with a view to perform better at their studies. Each workshop was concluded, as is our standard practice of training delivery, with seeking students’ overall feedback on the structure, content and the style of the facilitator. Students were asked to rate these aspects on a range of 0 to 10, where 0 meant poor and 10 meant excellent. The average score on these four aspects is as follows: Your overall impression of the workshop – 9.75 How did you find the content of the workshop – 9.41 How was the structure of the workshop – 9.17 How would you rate the facilitator – 9.77 "

Student Feedback on School Workshops