Anupam Srivastava

Anupam Srivastava is a UK based Life-coaching Facilitator, a Development Management and Counselling Professional and a Social Worker with an extensive experience of over 30 years, with a Master’s degree in Social Work from the prestigious Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi.  Anupam started his career in 1987 as a social work practitioner in NGO Sector in India.

Though he specialised in personnel and human resource management during his university education, his mental bend and keen interest in human psychology made him study the subject for over five years in his under-grad and post-grad programme. This led him to work with individuals and families who were facing social, emotional and psychological problems.

Anupam’s career commenced with poor and marginalised children, families and communities of Delhi slums, followed by a brief stint with United Nations High Commission for Refugees and later with De-addiction and Rehabilitation Unit run by Department of Psychiatry of All India Institute of Medical Sciences. He gained valuable experience here and undertook Mental State Examination of OPD patients and conducted various socio-psychological interventions with them. His keen interest in psychology turned into a firm foundation before he migrated to the United Kingdom in 1990.

After migrating to UK, he worked extensively and dedicatedly in the area of child and young people protection, counselling and practice teaching. He is also a qualified Development Management Professional with a post graduate diploma in Development Management. He has trained a number of students and volunteers under him. Amidst his various stints at learning, discovering and honing his talents, Anupam associated himself with a network marketing business in the late 1990s and achieved an unmatched feat of generating wealth without selling a single product – all through his sheer ability to enhance and train people under him for better performance. With a vast body of related work experience under his belt, Anupam founded his own private Foster Care Agency – Acorn Fostering Pvt Ltd - in Leicester, UK, in the year 2003, which again is thriving business to date.

Social Work Practice in UK

Child protection work: Working for various local authorities (Governments) in the UK for 10 years, he developed vast experience and insight into serious social and psychological effect on children and young people who had been physically, emotionally and sexually abused, neglected and/or harmed. This work involved one-to-one intervention with children and young people, their carer and parents, to formulate strategies and interventions to help them recover from the impact of abuse, and gradually achieve higher standards of overall development in the spheres of health, education, emotional, sexual and psychological development.  A major part of professional practice involved working as a cultural advisor to social work professionals in Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City Council’s social services department to ensure its services were culturally sensitive and appropriate to ethnic minorities.  

Practice Teaching: Anupam received the Practice Teaching award in 1995 and qualified to be a Practice Educator, and thereafter helped more than 75 students of social work at graduate and post graduate levels on their practice placements. This work involved coaching students to learn to translate social work theories into practice. This work still continues.

Counselling-management, Teaching & Practice: The Project Manager of Asian Counselling Services, Leicester, UK, completed her social work practice placement under him. Thoroughly impressed by his facilitative style of teaching and coaching, she invited him to join the management board of the organisation in the year 1994-95. This marked the start of his journey in teaching, practising and managing counselling services. He wrote the counselling skills training programme, got it nationally accredited, and trained hundreds of counsellors. He was instrumental in redesigning and reshaping the organisation and its service delivery on ethical and professional standards prescribed by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). The upgraded standard of practice of the organisation attracted a high volume of service users from across the country and consequently attracted the Department of Psychiatry of Leicester University to carry out a joint research study to explore the Impact of Counselling. The findings of this study were later published in the journal of Royal College of Psychiatry.  Another national counselling organisation approached him and wished to collaborate with him and learn ways of engaging and involving Asian community into their fold, which they had historically failed in doing so.  

Fostering Children and Young People:  He founded Acorn Fostering Services - a private company under British Law – in the year 2003 to offer children and young people substitute family homes. Using his vast social work experience of 17 years at the time, he designed and delivered a range of training programmes for foster carers and staff to impart knowledge, skills and competences. Its aim is to help children and young people to not only recover from the impact of abuse, but also to achieve higher standards of overall development including health, education, emotional, sexual and psychological development.

Development Management Experience:  Anupam is a qualified Development Management Professional with a post graduate diploma in Development Management, with particular emphasis on Institutional Development and good governance at macro level, appreciation and management of inter-organisational relationships and preparing for negotiations and brokering. To further his interest in the field of development management, he completed a post graduate diploma in Global Development Management in the year 2002.

Staff management and supervision: As a Development Manager (a senior executive post with a registered charity in Leicester, UK), his duties include Organisational Development & Management, Staff and Resource Management, Supervision, Training and Professional Development of Staff and Volunteers, Finance Management, Fund Raising and Liaison & representation. He has supervised and managed staff, counselling supervisors, and a team of approximately 50 volunteer counsellors at Asian Counselling Services.  At present he has been managing Acorn Fostering Services and guiding and directing its development with staff team of social workers and hundreds of foster carers.

Training and Consultancy:  Anupam’s depth of knowledge and vast experience in the fields of social work practice and counselling, his grasp on translating theory into practice, his sensitivity and insightfulness on inequality and oppression in our society and how it manifests at personal, social and Institutional level and his command on anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice attracted various local, regional and national organisations to call upon his unique and empowering style of training and coaching to facilitate organisational learning.    He has been a guest lecturer, speaker and trainer at local universities, National Health Services organisations, various multi-agency bodies and not for profit organisation.

His working style in his own words

My management style is to seek and encourage people’s participation and their involvement in decision-making process. I am a great believer in achieving objectives by empowering and involving people, as I believe this approach ensures little resistance and increases productivity. Being an effective team member, I am sensitive and sympathetic to the pressure of work on my colleagues and team members, and do not hesitate to share their burden and support them. I have always played the role of a thinker and planner in most of the teams I have worked with. I enjoy deducing the root cause of the matter, thinking, and planning innovative problem solving strategies.

I started my professional career in the field of Organisational Development & Management in India in 1987 and remained involved with the community development work both in India and the UK in various paid and unpaid capacities. More than two third of my professional practice over the last 30 years accounts for working in the field of community development at various levels of responsibilities. I have served on management committees, worked as a volunteer, freelance trainer, consultant and undertaken management responsibilities with many local, national and international organisations.  This experience has enhanced my knowledge and understanding of community development work, partnership building and multi-agency working.