ILCS aims to institute an Indian Association for Counselling Practice in India (IACP) who’s primary purpose will be to support counsellors and help them better serve their clients. IACP will act in the interest of the public as a professional, relevant, credible and communicative organisation for the counselling professions, bound by a common purpose, underpinned by clear philosophy and transparent values.  It will do so by establishing common standards for counselling practice, supervision and training in the form of Ethical Standards Framework (ESF) for counselling professionals.

We are passionate about the value of counselling and its potential to improve the quality lives of individuals, groups, communities and organisations. This passion and commitment, and the knowledge that counselling changes lives will always be at the heart of everything we do.  Therefore we will invite and offer membership of IACP to all those counselling professionals, who are committed to uphold the Ethical Standards Framework for counselling professionals, both trained and employed by ILCS and also who are already practicing counselling elsewhere in India. 


What IACP do

IACP’s desired position: As stated above, IACP will act in the interest of the public as a professional, relevant, credible and communicative organisation for the counselling professions, bound by a common purpose, underpinned by clear philosophy and transparent values.


IACP’s purpose: IACP will advocate the role and relevance of the practice of the counselling professions in improving psychological wellbeing and mental health, and promoting social justice, in our contemporary and diverse communities.

How IACP will achieve change

ILCS has drawn up a series of ‘strategic intents’ to help us achieve our position and purpose. These are the elements of our work that we consider as being the most important. Our intents are supported by a comprehensive operational plan, and our resources have been aligned in order that we can concentrate on these vital elements of our work.

Strategic intents of IACP are to:

  • Promote expertise in the counselling professions to enable confidence in IACP and its members
  • Use our resources efficiently and effectively to fulfil our internal and external strategic objectives to maximise impact
  • Be alert to change and encourage innovation in a fast moving world, and our policy and interventions will be informed and evidence based
  • Commission, undertake and encourage research and relationships to ensure that we can champion best practice in the counselling professions
  • Uphold the highest standards of differentiated practice, ensuring that our standards are fit for purpose and communicable to clients and commissioners
  • Educate the public about the practice and benefits of the counselling professions and learn from people how to develop responsive services
  • Position the profession in the minds of commissioners and employers, to argue the case for best practice and the benefits of the counselling professions
  • Develop relationships with the wider professions and all our stakeholders
  • Define the scope and standards of training and practice for the counselling professions, drawing on evidence and experience, reflected in differentiated membership categories
  • Commit to the highest standards of customer service, public engagement and membership engagement.

Key themes

The counselling professions change the lives of individuals and communities across a broad range of client groups. For this reason, it's extremely important to us that our own work is similarly diverse, as well as being adaptable to the changing landscape in which our members operate. We will continue to campaign, influence policy-makers and fund research in a way that is congruent with the varied work of our membership. 

What does all this mean for me as a member?

You and your clients are at the heart of everything we do and supporting you is central to our philosophy and values. We work hard to enable you to access resources to help you develop and maintain effective and competent practice. In line with our new strategic direction, we’ll be looking to further improve the services and resources we offer you, making your membership more relevant and better value for money.

Raising standards across the counselling professions, and promoting high standards, have always been high priorities for us. We seek to ensure people have access to the best, evidence-based, standards of practice in the counselling professions. By renewing our commitment to raising the profile of our members in the media, with commissioners, policy makers and the public, we hope to improve your professional credibility and employment prospects.

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