ILCS endeavours to develop and provide culturally appropriate counselling services to those individuals, couples, and families who have no support networks upon which they can rely at times of distress. ILCS provides a skilled counselling service for those experiencing discomfort and difficulty in managing their interpersonal relationships and challenges presented by life in general.

Individual Counselling Programme

In individual counselling sessions, the counsellor (in a confidential environment) seeks to assist the individual to gain an insight into their problems and work with them to find a way forward. Each individual can face a different combination of issues, which affects them enough to seek help.  However, the areas of our service delivery and the kind of issues, where we will make help available, are broad, however, following are a few to name:

  • Marriage and relationship difficulties
  • Family conflicts and disputes
  • Domestic Violence
  • Conflicts between children and their carers
  • Other relationship difficulties
  • Mental Health and psychological difficulties
  • Effects of physical, sexual and emotional abuse

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